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Exhibition " Gilles Bailac "
Gilles Bailac 
- フランス・ピレネー、バスク地方の光と風 - 
JAN.24 (Tue) - Feb.5 (Sun), 2017


・VERNISSAGE オープニングパーティ

 JAN.28(Sat) 1月28日(土) 

 17:00 ~ 21:00​


・Gilles Bailac ジル・ベラック氏について




Gilles Bailac feels a deep need to express himself and create a sensation of pleasure through painting.

His work is composed of landscapes and abstract compositions.. His paintings appeal to the imagination and allow us dream. Gilles Baillac likes to paint by omitting details, preferring the impression he likes to pass to the viewer.


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